Organisational Structure

TPT is a group of three organisations. TPT is the parent organisation that is responsible for itself and its two subsidiaries: Te Arawa Group Holdings and Te Arawa Tangata.



TPT was established in 2006 to hold and manage assets negotiated on behalf of the eleven Affiliates. As the parent organisation, it is responsible for:

  • giving effect to and receiving redress from the Settlement;
  • exercising strategic governance over its two subsidiaries – Te Arawa Group Holdings and Te Arawa Tangata; and
  • providing benefits to its beneficiaries as determined by the TPT board.

Karen Vercoe is chair of the TPT Board. For more information about the Settlement, click here.


Te Arawa Tangata

Te Arawa Tangata is a charitable organisation that was established in 2007 as the development arm of TPT, but only formally came into operation in 2011. Its primary role is to advance the wellbeing of its Affiliates or their members. This includes the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or any other matter that the board considers of benefit to the Affiliates or its members.

Te Arawa Tangata operates from the same location as TPT and is governed by Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Charitable Trust, which is chaired by Piki Thomas.

To find out more about the exciting work that Te Arawa Tangata does for our people, click here.


Te Arawa Group Holdings Limited

Te Arawa Group Holdings Limited was established in 2007 as the commercial arm of TPT. Its primary role is to:

  • create wealth and opportunity;
  • be commercially focused and successful;
  • strengthen the eleven Affiliates and their entities through robust economic growth; and
  • form appropriate strategic alliances.

TPT has appointed Eru George and Geoff Rice as its two representatives on the Te Arawa Group Holdings board of directors. Andrew West is the chair of this board.

To find out more about Te Arawa Group Holdings, click here