The Settlement

Crown Apology

“The Crown apologies to the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū for past dealings that breached the Crown’s obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi. These were the failure to adequately protect tribal structures following the impact of the native land laws, the failure to actively protect the interests of the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū when purchasing land and the failure to ensure that some Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū were left with sufficient land for their present and future needs.” For more information on the contents of the Settlement, please check out this summary document.

The Settlement is comprised of three key components.

  1. An agreed historical account and Crown acknowledgements, which form the basis for a Crown Apology to Affiliates;
  2. Cultural redress; and
  3. Financial and commercial redress.

We have completed transfer of 17 of the 20 Cultural Redress properties to Affiliates. For the remaining three properties the respective iwi are working through a process to transfer the properties back into their possession.

We are also engaged in the Mana Whenua process regarding settlement assets from the Central North Island (CNI) Settlement on behalf of Affiliates. Click here for more information about the Mana Whenua process.

List of 20 Cultural Redress properties

  • Horohoro Bluff (Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuara)
  • Pateko Island (Ngāti Pikiao)
  • Te Wairoa (Ngāti Pikiao)
  • Okataina Outdoor Education Centre (Rongomai)
  • Beds of Lakes Rotongata and Rotoatua (Rongomai/Ngāti Tarawhai)
  • Ruatihi o Paeroa (Ngāti Tahu/Whaoa)
  • Wai-o-Tapu (Ngāti Tahu/Whaoa)
  • Orakei-Korako (Ngāti Tahu/Whaoa)
  • Okataina Lodge (Ngāti Tarawhai)
  • Te Koutu Pa (Ngāti Tarawhai)
  • Kakapiko (Tūhourangi)
  • Moerangi (Tūhourangi)
  • Punaromia (Tūhourangi)
  • Lake Rotomahana (Tūhourangi)
  • Te Ariki (Tūhourangi)
  • Lake Rotokawa (Uenukukopako)
  • Rangitoto (Uenukukopako)
  • Matawhaura (Pikiao joint entity)
  • Otari Pa (Pikiao joint entity)
  • Karamuramu Baths