Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa represents 20,620 registered beneficiaries that affiliate to one or more Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū, whose area of interest spans over 51,000 hectares from Rotoiti Lakes district in the north to Huka Falls to the south, and Horohoro and Mamaku districts to the west, to Tarawera to the East.

TPT Settlement

The Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū Deed of Settlement dated 11 June 2008 is the final settlement of all historical claims of the iwi and hapū represented by Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa resulting from acts or omissions by the Crown prior to 21 September 1992 and is made up of a package that includes:

  • An agreed historical account
  • Crown Apology
  • Cultural redress
  • Financial redress
  • Commercial redress


The Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū have had long-standing grievances in respect of acts and omissions of the Crown since 1840 that have prejudicially affected them. In September 2003 following numerous hui with respective Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapu, Nga Kaihautu o Te Arawa was mandated to negotiate a settlement of claims. On 1 April 2004, the Crown recognised the mandate of Nga Kaihautu and negotiations on the settlement package began with the signing of Terms of Negotiation on 26 November 2004 and an Agreement in Principle on 5 September 2005, which was varied on 20 December 2005.

The Deed of Settlement between the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū and the Crown, was ratified by a majority of 96% of the votes in a postal ballot on 19 September 2006 and signed at Te Pakira Marae, Rotorua on 30 September 2006 (the Original Deed of Settlement).

Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trust was the governance entity to receive the settlement that was ratified by a majority of 92% of the votes cast in a postal ballot of eligible voters on 19 September 2006. Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trust was created by Deed dated 1 December 2006. With the agreement of the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū, the Crown deferred the introduction of settlement legislation giving effect to the Original 2006 Deed of Settlement, with a commitment from the Crown that the value of the settlement would be protected in any revised Deed of Settlement.

Following further negotiations between the Crown and Te Pumautanga, the Original 2006 Deed was amended to take into account, among other things, the agreement reached between the Crown and the Central North Island Forests Iwi Collective (CNI Collective) regarding licensed Crown forest land in the CNI region. The revised Deed (the 2008 Deed) was re-ratified by the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapu members in June 2008 and signed on 11 June 2008 at Te Pakira Marae, Rotorua. This resulted in the Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi/Hapū also entering into the Central North Island Settlement Deed with the Crown and other iwi and hapu with interests in the Central North Island Forests.

Te Pumautanga signed the Deed of Settlement for the Central North Island (CNI) Forests Iwi Collective on 25 June 2008. Settlement legislation implementing the Deed of Settlement was passed on 29 September 2008.

An acknowledgement of appreciation and thanks is extended to:

The Chairman of Nga Kaihautu and the inaugural Chairman of Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa Trust, Eru George (Ngati Kearoa, Ngati Tuara) and the day-to-day negotiations that were managed by; Chief Negotiator, the late Rawiri Te Whare (Ngati Tahu Ngati Whaoa) – Negotiator, Henare Colbert (Ngati Ngararanui) – Negotiator, Ruka Hughes (Ngati Rongomai) – Negotiator, Brian Bargh (Ngati Kearoa, Ngati Tuara)

inaugural treaty negotiators

Left to right – Eru George, Rawiri Te Whare, Henare Colbert, Ruka Hughes, Brian Bargh

Central North Island (CNI) Collective

CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd

CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd is a confederation of eight iwi from the Central North Island (CNI) region;

  • Affiliate Te Arawa Iwi
  • Ngati Tuwharetoa
  • Ngai Tuhoe
  • Ngāti Manawa
  • Ngāti Whakaue
  • Ngāti Whare
  • Rangitihi
  • Raukawa.

The eight iwi came together and achieved ground-breaking success to settle their claims to Central North Island forest lands, (a vast majority of lands in the Kaingaroa forest).  The CNI Iwi Collective settled their Deed of Settlement on 25 June 2008 that resulted with 23 forestry lands comprising 176,000 hectares  transfer to CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd (CNIIHL), a trust holding entity.  The forestry lands are rented out to commercial businesses.  CNIIHL is governed by 16 Directors, 2 representatives from each Iwi.

A unique feature of the CNI Iwi Collective Settlement, is that iwi themselves, rather than the Crown, decide which areas of CNI forests land rightfully belong to each iwi, by way of kanohi ki te kanohi negotiation or tikanga-based resolution process set out in Schedule 2 of the CNI Forests Land Collective Settlement Act 2008.

The Collective will continue to meet kanohi ki te kanohi until agreement is reached or unless adjudication is sought for a final determination.  The outcome of all 23 forestry lands is to be recorded in the Final Allocation Agreement.  The process is monitored by CNIIHL.

For further information see CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd.

CNI Agreed Proportions

Ongoing rentals and other income derived from the lands will continue to be paid to CNIIHL and distributed according to the Collective’s agreed proportions until the Collective’s final allocation date. TPT’s portion of rentals is paid directly to our commercial company, Te Arawa Group Holdings to create wealth and opportunity for the inter-generational benefit of our beneficiaries.  

Agreed Proportions Chart

CNI Iwi Collective Properties

The following properties are held by CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd until the final allocation date.

CNIIHL Properties
1. Crater 13. Kaingaroa Whirinaki
2. Horohoro 14. Marotini
3. Kaingaroa Caves 15. Tihoi (Pureora South)
4. Kaingaroa Flaxy Creek 16. Taurewa
5. Kaingaroa Headquarters 17. Waimihia North
6. Kaingaroa Matea 18. Waimihia South
7. Kaingaroa Northern Boundary 19. Waituhi
8. Kaingaroa Pukuriri 20. Whakarewarewa Highlands
9. Kaingaroa Reporoa 21. Whakarewarewa Tokorangi
10. Kaingaroa Totara 22. Whakarewarewa Waimangu
11. Kaingaroa Waimaroke 23. Whakarewarewa Whaka
12. Kaingaroa Wairapukao

Map of Area of Interests

The below map illustrates the TPT areas of interest within the Central North Island Iwi Collective.

Click to view Map


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